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30 May

But for shows desperate not to lose eyeballs, skin becomes a competitive edge.Thus, the form-fitting sleeveless sheath has become a kind of uniform of Fox News women, favored by Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Martha Mac Callum, Michelle Malkin, and others.She’s also told the , network execs dressed her in clothing that was “short, skimpy, tight,” and she had to rebel and find her own look.It is clean, chic, and often sleeveless, generally more country club than nightclub.

As co-host of MSNBC’s , Brzezinski has on several occasions struck a blow against the trivialization of the news, most famously refusing to read a news item about Paris Hilton by shredding the script on air.

The more you think about sleevelessness, the more it reads as a fault line in a stressed and fragmented news industry.

TV reporters have always straddled the line between news and entertainment—the path from model or actress or pageant queen (Sawyer was one) to TV reporter is a well-trodden one.

, the journalist wears a black sheath dress and poses provocatively on top of a table with one bare leg extended in the air.

She gazes adoringly at Scarborough, who sits in a chair, fully suited, grinning at the camera.