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There's more than one way to see this bucket list destination.Head to Grand Canyon West to get a bird's-eye view from the glass-bottomed Skywalk.The museum is an Alaska attraction you won't want to miss.It's the largest of its kind in the world, created by world champion ice carver Steve Brice.If you don't make it during the summer, visit during the last two weeks of February to see one of the most breathtaking sights: Horsetail Falls blazes as if made from liquid fire when the last rays of setting sun reflect on it.The event draws large crowds, so plan to spend the day in the area to see the sunset.— Grand Canyon Caverns, the largest dry caverns in the U. Begin your exploration by descending into the cave in a 21-story elevator. You can even stay overnight in the main cavern for 0, which has zero percent humidity and might be one of the darkest and quietest places you'll ever encounter.

Its lounge was the inspiration for the Colorado Lounge in the movie and the chandeliers, fireplace and windows are nearly identical.

There are normal items like clothing and electronics, but you'll also find jewelry, artwork and eclectic items like a suit of armor.

Alaska: No trip to Alaska would be complete without visiting Denali — at 20,310 feet, it's the highest peak in North America. Take a bus tour to delve deeper into the wilderness (.50 and up).

Give yourself plenty of time to raft your way down the Green or Yampa rivers as you tackle rapids beneath sheer canyon walls.

Relax on beaches like Island Park or Rippling Brook, and spend the night under the stars in remote Echo Park for .