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Since the days of the Revolution, a one-room stone schoolhouse had stood on a grassy area known as the Common, located close to the present intersection of South Orange Avenue and Academy Street in Maplewood.In 1814, this building blocked the construction of a new toll highway from Newark to Morristown.The Trustees' minutes of May 31, 1888, reflect the principal's request "that a diploma be voted to Miss Etta A.Kilburn" and that, "on motion, a diploma was voted to Miss Kilburn, the first graduate of the high school.As of the 2014-15 school year, the school had an enrollment of 1,913 students and 146.4 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 13.1:1.

Musical rhythm from the wilds of barbarism stirred the pulse.Early in the 1900s the value of athletics was recognized and encouraged at Columbia by the organization of boys' and girls' teams.The student council was formed in 1912, and The Columbian student newspaper followed in 1915. Complaints arose over so-called "fads and frills"-inessentials said to be leading to the neglect of reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic.The dance abandoned the restraint and refinement of waltz and polka; Bunny Hug, Turkey Trot, Fox Trot, and Shimmey began to reign." The Board of Education reacted by banning all but "polite dances" on school premises.However, the proscribed behavior persisted, and the Board then stopped all school dances.