Powerpoint page numbers not updating

12 Dec

AKA: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask Brian Reilly About Excel Charts, But That's OK, 'Cause He's Gonna Tell You Anyway.Actually, much of the content here originally was contributed to Brian by Naresh Nichani, an Access MVP, who is the real code writer behind Brian..So make the chart on the chart sheet (didn't we just agree on that? Select the entire chart on the chart sheet and copy and paste it to the worksheet near the data range.Any changes made to the data will clearly reflect on the chart sheet chart and since the worksheet chart is linked to the chart sheet chart, that will also instantly update.

1 - It is best to put the charts on their own chart sheet.

Open the Excel file, open the PPT file, set the zoom back to 100% and update the links. If some of them don't work correctly, make sure the upper left hand corner of the chart is visible in the Active Window, even if you have to overlay all the charts with a small offset in the upper left hand corner of the worksheet.

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