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(iii) The method and timeline for eliminating the use of restrictive procedures. The provisions of this ยง 6400.183 adopted August 27, 2010, effective August 28, 2010, 40 Pa. (1) A plan team must include as its members the following: (i) The individual.

(3) The ISP, annual updates and revisions shall be documented on the Department-designated form located in the Home and Community Services Information System (HCSIS) and also on the Department’s web site.

The protocol must include the current level of independence and the method of evaluation used to determine progress toward the expected outcome to achieve the higher level of independence.

(4) A protocol and schedule outlining specified periods of time for the individual to be without direct supervision, if the individual’s current assessment states the individual may be without direct supervision and if the individual’s ISP includes an expected outcome which requires the achievement of a higher level of independence.

(2) If the following have a role in the individual’s life, the plan team may also include as its members, as applicable, the following: (i) Medical, nursing, behavior management, speech, occupational or physical therapy specialists.

(iv) Any other person the individual chooses to invite.