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27 Oct

Mason died in 1635, and the colonists appropriated a number of his holdings.

Thomas Roberts served as the last Colonial Governor of the Dover Colony before it became part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

In 1775, with the advent of the American Revolutionary War, the province's last royal governor, John Wentworth, fled the colony.

Under a state constitution drafted in early 1776, Meshech Weare was chosen the first President of the independent state of New Hampshire.

This history is significantly bound to that of the neighboring Massachusetts, whose colonial precursors either claimed the New Hampshire territory, or shared governors with it.

First settled in the 1620s under a land grant to John Mason, the colony consisted of a small number of settlements near the seacoast before growing further inland in the 18th century.

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Massachusetts governed the New Hampshire settlements until 1680, when it became the royally chartered Province of New Hampshire.Mason and Gorges, neither of whom ever came to New England, divided their claims along the Piscataqua River in 1629.Conflicts between holders of grants issued by Mason and Gorges concerning their boundaries eventually led to a need for more active management.Permanent English settlement began after land grants were issued in 1622 to John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges for the territory between the Merrimack and Sagadahoc (Kennebec) rivers, roughly encompassing present-day New Hampshire and western Maine.Settlers, whose early leaders included David Thomson, Edward Hilton, and Thomas Hilton, began settlements on the New Hampshire coast and islands as early as 1623, that eventually expanded along the shores of the Piscataqua River and the Great Bay.