Ex girlfriend dating someone else

11 Nov

If you want her to leave you two alone for good, here are 8 tips on what to do when his ex-girlfriend won’t go away: I know this is hard because this girl is probably driving you crazy, but stop for a second and try to put yourself in her shoes.

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Or, send her a message on Facebook that isn't full of threats or curses or accusatory statements.Source: Shutter Stock Before you do anything else, try to just ignore her completely.Sometimes, ignoring someone who is trying to get to you is the best way to deal with the situation.Source: Shutter Stock I know it's tempting to try and make her more jealous by posting kissing pictures on social media where you know she'll see them or making statuses like, "SOOOO in love, he doesn't care about you anymore :)" but... Tell him exactly how you feel and let him know it's putting a strain on your relationship.Ask him to talk to her and tell her she needs to stop and make his feelings clear.