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26 Mar

For indeed, his songs are not cheery by any stretch. I know the first song, “Black Leaf,” from his Tiny Desk Concert. When it ends, he says: I guess it’s probably my duty to warn you….

No one should be complaining, least of all me in this black suit.” And, despite his tone, he is not above making jokes with his audience.

: JOHN PAUL WHITE-Live at the Newport Folk Festival (July 29, 2017). Like when he introduces the second song, “Martyr,” he says, “We’ll be doing while lot of death metal covers. This song is by a band called Sepultura.” [Nervous titters from the crowd before he starts playing a pretty JPW song that sounds not unlike a contemporary Barenaked Ladies song, especially his delivery of it].

I don’t really know all that much about John Paul White, except that he was in the fabulous duo The Civil Wars, and that he writes intelligent but downbeat folk music. “The Once and Future Queen,” is a slow, quiet song with a big chorus full of pretty harmonies.

I tend to think of JPW as kind of a mellow singer with a great voice, but he really lets loose in the middle of “Hope I Die.” In addition to a really powerful singing section, there’s a pretty wild solo going on (violin or guitar or both).

He introduces Adam Morrow over here on the guitar, so I assume he had something to do with it. I was incredibly happy sleeping in my bed and going to dance recitals and football games and the lot.

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He was educated at Beechen Cliff School, Mc Donnell used to live with fellow video blogger Alex Day, but later lived in his own apartment in London with his girlfriend.

You came to a folk festival so you probably weren’t looking for happy songs anyway…

If you came to this set looking to be cheered up, you’re screwed. I loved “Hate the Way You Love Me,” during the Tiny Desk Concert, but when the backing singers accompany him on the chorus and the gorgeous fiddle from Kelli Jones fills the song, it’s really wonderful. I didn’t think it would go over as well as it has.” But he then plays “Fight for You,” a fairly rocking song–with some rocking distortion on his guitar and a snarl in his voice (and a pretty heavy chorus).

Many more thoughts creep into his head as the ceremony goes on. Holy fuck Arthur, I won.” And, somewhat amazingly, I thought, there is a conclusion to the story, to the contest.

Like when he thinks back to when Robert received a phone call back in 1992 and the first thing he says to Arthur is “I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all these years… This seemed like one that could end with us wondering about the prize.