Consolidating tracks into one album in itunes

30 Jan

Since firmware version 3.x the i Phone & i Pod Touch do in fact use the Album Artist field & have stopped grouping on the part of a compilation setting, however setting both Part of a compilation to Yes and the Album Artist to "Various Artists" will group compilation albums both in i Tunes and whichever type of i Pod/i Phone you happen to be using.The artists menu on the i Phone & i Pod Touch also enumerates all the different values of the Artist field so if you select an album where some of the tracks feature guests via the Artists menu then you will only get a subset of the tracks from the album.Alternatively you could use the wording as it appears on the cover or append different numbers of spaces for each different album.

However all the tracks will still be returned if you access the album via search, including voice.Missing Artist or Album not with others by same artist i Tunes relies on the Gracenote CDDB database when identifying CD's.This often marks collections or anthologies of an artist's work as a compilation.Clicking on the small black triangle in the active column will reverse the order of the list. To add or remove columns from the list right-click (Win) or command-click (Mac) on the row of headings to see options.For rapidly scanning through the albums to see which may need attention use the Songs view, sorted as Album by Artist and enable the Column Browser from the View menu.