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12 Jun

If you are going to Sakray, and do not know your way around, please refer to my previous guide linked below: https://foxdeleon.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/pro-sakray-re-opened-to-the-public/ The Hall of Abyss is a new guild dungeon with new MVPs which drop very powerful weapons. In order for you to begin your quest, you must own at least one castle in any of the four WOE1 realms.Once you own a castle, you have to speak with a representative from the Cat Paw Merchant guild usually stationed in the middle of the map.The investment tickets can be exchanged for cool items in Malangdo.Just look for the ticket machine and make a purchase.One day, while the two of them were walking around the castle grounds, they encounter Titania's father the king talking to a well-dressed young man.The young man turns out to be a visiting prince who had traveled there to seek Titania's hand in marriage.The Gray Equipment Set is a set of armors, boots, cloak, helmet, and shield, sculpted out of Gray Shard and infused with Sakray's Abandoned Memories. Gives a chance to cast Drain Life Lv3 when receiving Melee Physical Damage.

Also be prepared to fight a Ghost 3 element monster (Flaming Skull in Floor 2) at the King NPC before you exit the instance.

To enter this instance, talk to the Warper NPC and select Heroes' Trails; Ghost Palace.

Talk to the Unpleasant Royal Guard NPC in the Dimensional gorge to generate the instance, then talk to the dimensional device to enter it. If you happen to log out, teleport out, or die in the instance, you will not be able to re-enter.

The two of them got along quickly, with Sakray even managing to show Titania how to blow a leaf to make noises.

They eventually part ways and Titania doesn't see Sakray again until he is assigned to be her bodyguard.