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28 Jan

Consider a reconditioned machine from POS (as above), or look on e uk , e or Preloved Classifieds for a bargain.

Psion's UK Technical Support service is no longer operating (Mar 2005).

If you have valuable data on your machine, you must ensure that this is backed up - either onto a PC, or onto non-volatile memory such as an SSD card (Series 3 family), or CF card (Series 5/7 family), as without this, there's a risk you could lose the lot at any time.

Annoying and frustrating as it is to lose all your data, we've all been there, and all learnt a valuable lesson - Back it up, before it's too late Before sending your machine off for repair, you need to back your machine up...

We also cover connecting to the Internet via your desktop PC.

Psion Computers released a Wap browser in 2000 that works on ER5 machines, such as the 5mx, Revo and Revo Plus. Also, take a look at the Psion WAP page for details of WAP access from your Psion and mobile.

Type 2 cards are slightly thicker (5mm, as opposed to 3.3mm for Type 1).

The Series 7/net Book can cope with both Type I and Type II CF cards There are some questions over maximum supported CF size. Writing to CF drains memory faster than storing files to the C drive.

Open the serial port on the back of the machine, and with your thumbnail, pull down gently on the curved plastic directly under the RS232 port (as per the picture below). If you still have a problem, you may have a fault with the screen that can't be fixed through software. It's also worth looking at Eric Lindsay's list of keyboard shortcuts for ways to access things without a touchscreen on an ER5 machine If your Psion won't start up, it's most likely to be the batteries.If it's a Revo, try a full charge, if it's a 3 or 5, try new batteries.You can also try powering the machine via a mains adapter, in case there's a problem with the battery.You can return your machine, or ask them to send you the parts so you can repair-it-yourself.See for details If the cost of repair is too prohibitive, it may be worth looking around for a new machine (check out Pricerunner or Kelkoo).