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26 Apr

It's become one of those cornerstones of our pop-culture vocabulary: We label our friends — the Miranda, the Charlotte, the Samantha — while convincing ourselves that we are obviously the Carrie of the group.

She breaks up with him by leaving a party without saying good-bye. She says she "doesn’t see color; [she] only sees conquests." She tells her friends that he has a "big black cock." Samantha says she thought all hip-hop had a hard edge.With smartphones in hand, would any of them finally be able to get it right?(No, definitely not, but you better believe Miranda’s trying real hard on Bumble.) (with her legs crossed -- though she has the more explicit version ready for when the conversation moves off of Tinder chat).She tries hard to suggest in her bio that she has a life outside of her demanding career, so she lists super-exciting hobbies like reading, visiting museums, and Soul Cycle (which she’s absolutely never tried).She also notes that she has a pretty good relationship with herself, but a man would be a nice accessory.