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24 Sep

Due to fire suppression over the past century, the forests have become overgrown, and at higher elevations, they are further susceptible to summertime fires, which threaten surrounding life and property.

In the 21st century, wildfires have been larger and more common in the Deschutes National Forest.

Designated by the United States Congress in 1964, it borders the Mount Washington Wilderness to the north and shares its southern edge with the Waldo Lake Wilderness.North Sister possesses more dikes than any similar Cascade peak, caused by lava intruding into pre-existing rocks.Many of these dikes were pushed aside by the intrusion of a 980-foot (300 m)-wide volcanic plug.An eruptive episode about 2,200 years ago, termed the Rock Mesa eruptive cycle, first spread volcanic ash from flank vents from the south and southwest flanks, followed by a thick rhyolite lava flow.Next, the Devils Hill eruptive cycle consisted of explosive ash eruptions followed by viscous rhyolitic lava flows.