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07 Mar

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Some people had no idea what to buy and expressed interest in such a post because the etiquette for this situation is so opaque.

Nothing I’ll admit I was surprised when some people questioned the idea of buying a present at all.

Some explained that in their culture it was not the done thing to give a gift to a teacher (make note all you students in Sweden).

First there is the question of taste, as illustrated in this clip from the Big Bang Theory where Amy gives Penny a huge painting for teaching her how to be ‘cool’: The rest of the episode revolves around Penny hiding her horrified reaction to the ugly painting and her efforts to avoid hanging it in her house, but in such a way that she wont hurt Amy’s feelings.

However sometimes, like Amy, we want to give a gift that shows how much we care and value our teachers; store bought wine and/or chocolates can feel like a cop out.