Aquarius woman and taurus man dating

03 Jun

The Taurus man is loving and romantic but extremely possessive of those he loves.The Aquarius woman is emotionally aloof, and insists upon freedom at all costs.Fundamentally, the Taurus man is seeking a stable and comfortable life with a lifelong partner.The Aquarius woman is seeking…well, she’s not quite sure what she’s seeking, but a conventional relationship is rarely it.

In fact, you get bore of stale and quiet atmosphere and want to add spice to make it lively.

You are stubborn and not ready to listen to any one.

Sometimes you start the critical conversation just for fun that may take turn of arguments- especially on the subjects on which you pose to be an expert.

For the Taurus man and Aquarius woman, compatibility will have to come with a very open mind, and the Taurus guy is not renowned for this.

The Aquarius woman is a highly independent soul and she simply will not adapt well to the traditional, conservative expectations of her Taurus partner.