Puff daddy dating cameron diaz

01 Sep

A source said: at the party stories about a romance between them were merely speculative.Cameron is definitely on the rebound as she struggles with both career difficulties and watching her former lovers find true love.Diddy had dinner at seafood restaurant Catch Roof in New York City together on October 24.The following day the couple took a stroll through Washington Square Park together.

Cameron Diaz has been dumped by more celebs than a dirty handkerchief and consequently she has fallen into the opportunistic arms of sly P Diddy.

While they have only been snapped hanging out once, it is thought the pair have been dating for around a month now and are smitten. They both have a raucous sense of humour, and have a laugh together," a source told British magazine Closer. Benji is crazy about her." It is thought Benji's brother Joel and his wife Nicole Richie are to thank for the set-up, as Nicole is close friends with Cameron and they often go hiking together.

It was a low-key meal which reportedly brought the couple together last month.

'" (Diaz began dating the Good Charlotte rocker in May.) The insider adds: "He was bummed, saying, ' She's the sexiest girl in the world.'" PHOTOS: Friendly celebrity exes Diddy, 45, who previously dated Jennifer Lopez for three years, first hooked up with Diaz, 42, back in 2008.

In 2012, the actress was spotted straddling Diddy at a CAA gala in West Hollywood.