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07 Feb

This system is why people treat their relationship with the harasser as being more important than what the harasser has done.

To be clear: in their mind they don’t see it as protecting or enabling a predator.

Again, while there were some who clearly relished the fire he could bring against anyone in his crosshairs, there were many who didn’t fully appreciate that superficial charm and a “this is all a big silly game” attitude doesn’t undo the harm inflicted his victims.

Even among the most well-meaning of people, their treatment of Milo as a prankster troll ignored the very real, very deliberate damage he caused. Twitter and Facebook are notoriously poor in handling issues of abuse and harassment on their platforms because they wish to remain above it all in the name of “fairness”.

They see it as trying to help out a friend who fucked up and who deserves a second chance.

Others see their behavior as wacky hijinx or puckish silliness – witness how many people who palled around with Yiannopoulos referred to him as “a silly clown“.

They feel bewildered at having been punished for breaking a code of behavior they didn’t recognize existed. There was a common refrain heard from so many men: Were they men. We all live in a system of unequal privileges, protections and benefits – privileges that many of us have had for so long that we don’t realize they exist.

In both cases, they were what writer Cliff Pervocracy called “the missing stair” – a structural fault that everyone “knows” about but nobody anything about.

The owners of the house just let everyone learn to leap over that missing stair and hope that nobody ends up getting seriously hurt.

Most of us were born into a time of greater social freedom and equality than the world has ever known…

but greater doesn’t mean For many of us – Gen-Xers to Millenials, issues like Griswold V.