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03 Feb

Download A Program Called Myspace Friend Blaster Pro All One Word You Can Google It Step 6.Download IMVU Previewer Tool From IMVU Website (((ONLY 4 Developer)))) Step 7.*use 162 ^this will also give you new hair, but a different color from the other two. (only works for guys so you might have to turn yourself into a guy. *use 13 ^this does something wierd that I don't know how to explain haha. So if it doesn't work try turning yourself into the opposite sex and then try the cheat again. A Few More Codes To Go All Out On Hacks And Cheats type *use 1 *use 2 *use 3 etc...*use 14 ^this also does something weird that I don't know how to explain *use 17 ^Also don't know how to explain this one. set 1 """Ma De By CHANTAL ERIKA""" 300-tommy shirt pluto 299-tommy shirt mars 298-tommy shirt earth 297-Abby shirt snow 296- abby shirt night 295-Abby shirt morbo 294-abby shirt Jam 293-abby shirt goochee 292-pericolo pants Oi!*use 21 ^don't know how to explain *use 22 ^makes you wave. 291-pericolo pants kitty 290-pericolo pants harley 289-Pericolo pants chase 288-trip long cargoes 287-'Nilla long cargoes 286-Drab long cargoes 285-Buhrown long cargoes 284-274-cant be worn with my avatar 273-100°(male) 272-090°(male) 271-080°(male) 270-070°(male) 269-060°(male) 268-050°(male) 267-040°(male) 266-030°(male) 265-020°(male) 264-010°(male) 263-000°(male) 262-100° 261-090° 260-080° 259-070° 258-060° 257-050° 256-040° 255-030° 254-020° 253-010° 252-000° 251-239-cant be worn with my avatar 238-Daisy oxford peppermint 237-Daisy oxford NPG 236-Daisy oxford grass 235-Daisy oxford Chocolate (causes avatar distortion) 234-Hip huggiz raysa 233-Hip huggiz flash 232-Hip huggiz denim 231-Runniz troy 230-Runniz minoa 229-Runniz babel 228-Runniz atlantis 227-Daisy oxford spring 226-223-cant be worn with my avatar 222-Kickaz boots zap (male) 221-Kickaz boots pavement(male) 220-Kickaz boots grate(male) 219-cant be worn with my avatar 218-Kickaz boots curb(male) 217-Baggy hoody sunset(male) 216-Baggy hoody special man(male) 215-Baggy hoodie midnight(male) 214-Baggy hoodie good monin'(male) 213-long shorts zap(male) 212-long shorts khaki(male) 211-long shorts denim(male) 210-long shorts camo(male) 209-207-cant be worn with my avatar 206-didnt show up 205-cant be worn with my avatar 204-203-didnt show up 202-200-cant be worn with my avatar 199-194-didnt show up(my IMVU started crashing in these numbers) 193-192-cant be worn with my avatar 191-Turned my female into a male(lol) 190-Homey pants village(male) 189-Homey pants tribeca(male) 188-Homey pants chelsea(male) 187-didnt show up 186-Baggy T orange matto(male) 185-Baggy T green IMTV(male) 184-Kicks webster hall(male) 183-Kicks tunnel(male) 182-Kicks paladium(male) 181-Kick limelight(male) 180-Rider gloves gamer(male) 179-Rider gloves drivin'(male) 178-Rider gloves black(male) 177-Schick kitaz terra 176-Schick kitaz supahstah 175-Schick kitaz magma 174-Schick kitaz cobra 173-Cargo shorties santorini 172-Cargo shorties mykonos 171-Cargo shorties drab 170-Cargo shorties crete 169-Cargo shorties camo frog 168-Cargo shorties blue plaid 167-Baby T IMVU 166-Baby T sky splash 165-didnt show up 164-Baby T pink pooch 163-Baby T black estupido 162-Marla Brunette 161-Marla blond 160-Marla amber 159-Marla black 158-Liz eyes 157-Light gree eyes 156-green hazel eyes 155-Day after eyes 154-Dark umber eyes 153-Sunny eyes 152-Sienna eyes 151-Amber eyes 150-Bright blue eyes 149-Blue eyes 148-X bloody eyes 147-brown eyebrows(male) 146-blond eyebrows(male) 145-light brown eyebrows(male) 144-light brown eyebrows(male) 143-140-cant be worn with my avatar 139-134-cant be worn with my avatar 133-blond eyebrows 132-Black eyebrows 131-Amber eyebrows 130-Brunette eyebrows 129-background circle snow mt.

This latest HUD guidance does confirm that there is one “safe harbor” available to landlords: If a landlord uses criminal background checks and only excludes applicants who have been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, a landlord will not run afoul of fair housing laws.28-89-nothing 24-27-stances 23-body contortion (these are creepy) 22-wave hi 21-lean as if on wall.(makes me turn into what looks like a flat mallet after a while.it's annoying have to reapply avatar) 20-makes arm go inside body when crossed behind or in front.18-19-doesnt show up 17-body contorts 16-doesnt show up 13-15-body contorts (this is getting grose) 12-Purple t shirt with a pooch on it.(shows as unknown) 11-Really sad face 10-Cheezy grin 9-Body contorts and afterwards if you get too close the screen gets black.8-body contorts(if you look from behind her face shows pain) 7-wink 6-shakes head no 5-shakes head yes 2-4-doesnt show up 1-dark yellow with red trim t shirt says IMVU set 2 """Ma De By CHANTAL ERIKA"" 1000 - courtesy 1001 - nothing 1003 - squishy hug with noise 1004 - feel boobs i think 1005 - smth like getting ready for a hug 1006 - shaking head as in wake up 1007 - pull ear 1008 - wedgie i believe 1009 - i think humping 1010 - looks as if i was slapped by someone 1011 - slapping hard 1012 - hug 1013 - pat on back with sound 1014 - i have no idea what i was doing 1015 - contracts muscles 1016 - disco 1017 - talk tsto the hand 1018 - keep away 1019 - flips and falls 1020 - idk 1021 - falls on back 1022 - karate move 1023 - play dead 1024 - body slam 1025 - milly vanilli i think 1026 - same as 1025, but with sound 1027 - talk to the hand 1028 - idk 1029 - shake hands 1030 - same but with sound 1031 - hug 1032 - hug with sound 1033 - other hug 1034 - other hug 1035 - not sure 1036 - rocks baby 1037 - jumps in arms 1038 - holds in arms 1039 - hug 1040 - grabs ass this one's funny 1041 - cassanova lean back 1042 - cassanova lean front 1043 - peck 1045 - mouth open in french 1046 - same with sound 1047 - courtesan give hand 1048 - courtesan kiss hand 1049 - stays to be pecked i think 1050 - kiss bellybutton i think 1051 - float a bit 1052 - kiss body from feet to mouth 1053 - kiss while moving body 1054 - same with grabbing ass as well 1055 - i think it's a kiss below the belt 1056 - kiss my ass gesture 1057 - stare 1058 - kiss feet several times 1059 - kiss & caress back 1060 - same with sound 1061 - kiss with leg on partner 1062 - kiss with chirping sound 1063 - a weird kiss 1064 - kiss body waist up 1065 - sit and enjoy... text 2043-blink many many times with blink sound 2044-cry 2045-laugh 2046-kissy face 2047-kiss air above you 2048-kiss air above you while shaking head 2049-mad grunt 2050-girly ohh 2051-long girly ohhh 2051-long blink with fault sound 2053-barf 2054-puppy dog wimper 2055-Sexy stare 2056-eyebrow raise with bird call 2057-swallow barf 2058-stick out toung and blow rasberry 2059-stick out toung and blow long rasberry 2060-hand up to ear with "huh" sound 2061-eyebrow raise with girly "huh" 2062-What? gesture 2064-chear 2065-eyebrow raise lower raise 2066-loser sign 2077-crazy head spin 2078-loopy finger spin (for calling someone crazy) 2079-choke yourself and make your eyes pop out """Ma De By JAYRULENBABY"" 2080-clap like a baby 2081-bow in respect 2082-strech and yawn 2083-silent laugh 2084-flex and trumpet like elephant 2085-window's tadaa 2086-flex and thunder sounds 2087-chimes sound 2088-get down on knees, say yes, and hear chears 2089-do nothing 2090-wink 2091-shake head 2092-nod head 2093-thunbs up and swing sound 2094-drumb role followed by thumbs down 2095-present your self while chimes sound 2096-sleep 2097-hmmm, scratch chin 2098-jump and kick 2099-smiley face with mouth taped up 2100-frowny mood 2101-mad mood 2102-impatient mood 2103-old mood 2104-stroke your self all over (wow) 2105-bashful mood 2106-groovin 2107-peace sign 2108-armpit farts 2109-scared mood (this is the terrified vip mood, for free) 2110-thow a screaming fit, jumping stomping, rolling around 2111-do nothing There Now That You Have Your Cheat Codes Try Them Out And Good Luck But Not All Off Them Will Work So Let Me Know The Ones That Does'nt Work ((((Please Just Message Me On IMVU)))) """Ma De By CHANTAL ERIKA"" Now The Code Part Is Over Lets Talk Money lol Well Fake Money Anywayz I Hate IMVU Credits And There Is No Way To Hack It To Get More So How Do You Or Me Get More More More ...... Now The Long And Fun Part Learing How To Get Credits For Free (((( I WILL GO OVER EACH STEP ONE BY ONE DON'T WORRY)))) Step 1.