Is it worth updating gps

26 Sep

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This top of the line truck navigation unit comes with an impressive array of features that are sure to earn it top marks from commercial users.

Garmin goes the extra mile to integrate the best modern technology has to offer.

However, it was definitely worth the wait as this is an amazing device.

I have three other GPS units, an Adafruit Ultimate GPS, a Ublox NEO 6 and a navigation unit that is fitted with a Compass unit and a Ublox NEO 6.

Time and location are stored in an array and at the moment this data is printed out, but could be used to set a clock, or to display the current Longitude and Latitude.

Connecting the Neo 7 to a USB to TTL adaptor would allow it to be connected to a PC (a logic level converter would be required unless the adaptor was 3.3 volt) and the UBlox U-Center software could be used.

Truck routing GPS units are designed to get you from dock to dock safely and efficiently.

Find your home city on their deals page and see what works for you.

I ordered a Ublox NEO 7 from a Chinese source in late August. There were times when I thought it had gone missing and I was about to contact the supplier.

The LEDs remained unlit and after 5 minutes I took the Arduino and NEO 7 connected to a power block outside.

In less than 30 seconds the two green LEDs lit, showing the unit had a fix.