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16 Mar

Anchorage installed, it is now as it should be, an Overcoat (Altered Armor: DLC05General Chases Overcoat, DLC05Medals)(Altered Static: DLC051st Person Alien Blaster Clean).(Altered Mesh: dlc05alienpistol.nif). DLC05Weap Rifle Unique, New Mesh: _1stpersonhahandgrip2_railwayrifle.kf, _1stpersonhajamh.kf, _1stpersonhareloadh.kf, _malehahandgrip2_railwayrifle.kf, _malehajamh.kf, _malehareloadh.kf).DLC05Alien Epoxy, Altered Script: DLC05Alien Epoxy Effect SCRIPT, New Message: UF3PAlien Epoxy).dlc05alien2.nif, dlc05alien3.nif).DLC03Cr Robobrain Enclave, Cr Robobrain Enclave).these ones) (Altered Creature: Raven Rock Cr Sentry Bot GLEnclave, Raven Rock Cr Sentry Bot GLEnclave02, Raven Rock Cr Sentry Bot MGEnclave, Raven Rock Cr Sentry Bot MGEnclave02).dlc03laserrifleanimobject.nif).010095BC, 010095BD). Dogmeat\Fawkes\Sergeant RL-3 will only have massive amounts of health if they where just found, if you already found them before Broken Steel was activated then they won't have massive amounts of HP (Altered Creature: FFEU255Dogmeat, MQ08Fawkes, RL3Follower).second (%2.5 increased rate) which sure as hell isn't the advertised "you regenerate Action Points much more quickly than you normally would.", Nerves of Steel will now increase action point regeneration rate by 50% (calculated dynamically by the f Action Points Restore Rate setting) (Altered Script: DLC03APRegen Script).accidently used the wrong sound effect (Altered Movable Static: DLC03FXPPWater Fall).appropriate quest has been finished. for it was all there just Bethesda named the block in the nif incorrectly preventing it from working (Altered Mesh: dlc04aviarypuzzlepaint01.nif, dlc04aviarypuzzlepaint02.nif, dlc04aviarypuzzlepaint03.nif, dlc04aviarypuzzlepaint04.nif).incorrectly preventing it from working (Altered Mesh: dlc04shackcabinet01doorsingle.nif).incorrectly preventing it from working (Altered Mesh: dlc04buoy01.nif)them (Altered Script: DLC04Punga Plant SCRIPT).perk always be in effect on everything not just ghouls (Altered Perk: DLC04FF06Ghoul Ecology)the target thus the extra damage was never applied.Simply activate this mod before activating other mods, so that all other mods "win".If using a mod manager, you can quickly de-activate all mods, install/activate this, then re-activate all other mods.Hanging out in the balcony area during the day, sleeping in his own bed at night, etc- Correct reorder of NIF block (almost all NIF require, it seems to me that Beth had some problem in 3ds max NIF plugin for FO3/FNV because this problem has been almost completely eliminated in Skyrim)- Correction of BS Num UV Set and UV (if any noticed)- Face Normals (all NIF)- Smooth Normals (all NIF)- Update All Tangent Spaces (all NIF)- Burke's hitmen won't appear if he's dead- Burke's hitmen won't appear if you charmed him- Burke will only disappear/be disabled from game if you charm him and not blow up megaton- You're able to initiate conversations with Burke at appropriate times including before and after quests- Burke is a resident of Megaton with a daily routine.

No telling how far they might spread.- There's been another Behemoth sighted in the Wasteland, in the Evergreen Mills region. (Faction Reaction Error) Faction 'MS13Freed Slave Faction' (06068A9C) is a Friend or Ally of Faction 'Slave Faction' (0002F560), but Faction 'Slave Faction' (0002F560) is not a Friend or Ally of Faction 'MS13Freed Slave Faction' (06068A9C).

Sound: DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_1.ogg, DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_1.lip, DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_5.ogg, DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_5.lip). K now.prevented it from ever being heard (Altered Dialogue: Meg Gob Greeting1"How many of those things are in here?

have the Pip-Boy glove disabled (Altered Mesh: \Armor\Enclave Officer\glovel.nif, \Armor\Enclave Officer\gloveml.nif).targets with the BB Gun." yet you could shoot 1 target 3 times, fixed only 1 target having a quest marker on it (other 2 didn't have the condition setup correctly) also the quest marker on the target will now vanish once you shoot it (Altered Script: CG02Target SCRIPT, Altered Quest: CG02).condition was set to "Get Is ID" instead of "Get Day Of Week" (Altered Terminal: Irving Cheng Terminal, MS12Tenpenny Irving Cheng Terminal)."Fallout - Menu Voices.bsa", you'll now be able to listen to alot more dialogue in the G. " 18637).(Altered Ingestible: Junk Food).instead of the dirty\old texture (Altered Armor: KIDOutfit Prewar Child Old).objective and the terminal wasn't being displayed as an objective even though it was setup to (don't think terminals can be marked as objectives?

Also fixed the conditions, it was checking to see if the target was a "Mutated Animal" more then just Mirelurk's are classed as a "Mutated Animal" so added an extra check so the damage is ONLY applied to Mirelurk's (Altered Perk: DLC04Mirelurk Ecology).

Script: UF3PReaver Glow Fix Script).dlc05cameraeye01.nif, dlc05cameraeye02.nif).dlc05assmblnanim01.nif, dlc05assmblnanim02.nif, dlc05assmblnanim03.nif, dlc05assmblnanim04.nif, dlc05assmblnanim05.nif).dlc05mzsmalllights_e.dds, dlc05mzsmalllightscryo_e.dds, dlc05mzsmalllightsdesat_e.dds, dlc05mzsmalllightsstasis_e.dds).down\up out of view (Altered Mesh: dlc05pipebigbase01.nif).