Toilet chatroom

09 Oct

Despite thinking it would remain with us until November 2019, on 27th January, our beloved Silk will be closing its doors forever.Known in the 90s as ‘The Jaffacake’, the King’s Stables Road establishment has given us much to be grateful for over the past few years, so here’s a reminder of all of the things that have secured Silk’s place in the hearts of Edinburgh students. When it comes to toilet-based animal attacks, ignorance can be a beautiful coping mechanism.Which is why I finally took the dive, so to speak, to see if rats really do end up in city toilets, and if so, how?

This time efficient toilet protects your modesty with a little wall and enhances the clubbing experience exponentially as it increases your time spent on the dance floor.

The mirror is a perfect place for selfies and you’ll spend at least 10 minutes taking snaps of you and your girls.

If you don’t have at least 20 you’re doing it wrong.

Makes me smile xx Toilet roll crafts are perfect for kids age 5 , or for you to enjoy making together.

Normally you associate the toilets with a place you go in to wee, wash your hands and then carry about your normal business, however the girls’ toilets on a night out don’t quite work like that.