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26 Jul

Most of the time when we think about complementarianism, we automatically envision marriage and the relationship between husband and wife. A lot of times people don’t see how those things go hand in hand."The church" is not, in my opinion, any one local church, but the body of Jesus Christ in a particular area.Thus, moving from one local church to another is not really "leaving the church." One's reasons for leaving should always be carefully and prayerfully considered and evaluated.First, there is no one man who has authority over the church, as I understand the New Testament.The church is ruled by a plurality of elders, assisted by the deacons (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1; Philippians 1:1).

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As an elder in a local church, I have great reluctance about second-guessing the leadership of your church, especially with as little knowledge about your church as I have.If not, the pastor should seriously consider changing his mind, and his course of action.The pastor cannot and should not make our decisions for us.I think that it is important to communicate your concerns openly with the leadership of the church that you attend.The leadership may very well have good reasons for their actions, or their lack of action. But at least you will have dealt with one another openly, and your reasons for leaving (if this is your decision) will be known.