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14 Aug

Pax commissioned three cool artists to create three cool laser engraved designs for the matte black Pax 3.

These designs are cool enough to hang on your wall but they’re on the Pax 3 instead.

Pax 3 is known for its dual dry herb and extract support, draw-activation and haptic feedback — and recently, Pax 3 saw a price drop.

Pax Vapor has kept things fresh, even with Pax 3’s release dating back to November 2016.

More customization = more 🙂 Here are the dynamic modes you can choose from: If having a portable vaporizer for weed is important to you then you will definitely appreciate the Pax 3.

Its dimensions are 3.87” by 1.21” by 0.85”, which means that it slips into my pocket easier than my car keys.

With its minimalist, ergonomic design and simple, intuitive user interface, they could have called this device the i Pax.

Pax Vapor recently released new fingerprint-proof matte colors, a unique artist series with laser engraved artwork, and a smartphone app upgrade that adds a bunch of customization options.

Let’s jump right into Pax 3’s notorious capabilities, along with the latest info on what Pax Vapor has been cooking up.

The flavor varies slightly depending on which mode you’re using but the quality is always high.

The level of temperature customization is impressive and I love the level of control it gives you, there’s pretty much a mode for every vaper out there.