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20 Jun

Angelus Villanueva Rosales Tupaz that the VILLANUEVAS are his relatives. From his research it is shown that the Villanuevas and Lopezes of Iloilo are linked like brothers EUGENIO and FERNANDO LOPEZ and PURA VILLANUEVA, the FIRST CARNIVAL BEAUTY QUEEN OF THE PHILIPPINES and got married to TEODORO KALAW of Batangas.

Their great grandfather, DATU MANSIBAWAN of Bukidnon married a Higaonon princess of the Talaandig tribe of Misamis. One of their children was MARIA KALAW KATIGBAK who became a Senator.

RAMONA (#2) -spouse was PEDRO LADAO (the clan in Tubay) B. Juan Corvera was at that time married to Honoria Rosales whose children were: 1. Teresa (lawyer) – sp: Ireneo Siwa Hantoy (Juan) Corvera begot outside wedlock to a certain girl – a Buyan – the child was Felipe B.

Juan Borata was married to a certain Semblante A.2.1.1. Posts: 14 Re: VILLANUEVA – BUTAO FAMILY TREE Reply #7 – Mar 4th, 2007, pm my mama said we are related to rosales and villanueva….. One of the girls, JACOBA BUTAO married a “Dagatnon” – FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA. MARIA married EUSEBIO BUTAO, brother of JACOBA BUTAO. Mankalasi expanded his datuship towards Carmen up to Pinamanculan and Bancasi (original name was Mankalasi) and established a community of other wives. Here’s what Tio Deong said, “Incidentally, FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA established the town of Butuan and during his term as Capitan del Pueblo, Magallanes, the former site was getting too small and too far for the growing community which has opened farms up the river as far as Amparo, Bit-os and even Kubo, Esperanza. In chronological order, not based on their DOB, the children of Francisco Villanueva and Jacoba Butao were: A. To facilitate easy comprehension of the complex relationship between and among the kins, particularly in the Butuan/Agusan area, although might not be complete – in which case someone can provide infos – I will attempt to simplify tabulation.