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08 Feb

Whatever your feelings, this was not about love and a normal relationship.

‘Whatever feelings she had for you, whether you did what you could to cause them or whether they arose spontaneously, you should not have responded in the way you did. You abused her.’Prosecutor Duncan Ritchie said Yeoman had been teaching English at a secondary school in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, for a year when she gave the girl her email address and mobile number in October 2008.

At first, the pair talked over the internet about schoolwork.

Then, while on holiday, the pupil sent Yeoman a text message saying she loved her.

A lonely plasterer was egged on to hang himself by internet ghouls in a chatroom where members insult each other, users have claimed.

Gregory Tomkins live-streamed his death on Christmas Day using US video chat service Paltalk.

To hide the affair the teenager had Yeoman’s number in her phone under the name Luke and her mother assumed she had a boyfriend of her own age.

They will usually only intervene in cases where specific people are being harassed or threatened.

In January 2009 the pair met in a park and Yeoman took the girl back to her flat, kissed her on the sofa and touched her.

The girl visited the flat every other weekend during the summer and sexual activity took place, the court heard. The affair finally came to light during a writing workshop school trip in March this year when teachers found messages to the pupil on Yeoman’s phone and read their declarations of love for each other and a reference to a sexual incident.

An English teacher in her first job had a 14-month lesbian affair with a pupil half her age, a court heard yesterday.

Louise Yeoman, 29, was ‘craving affection’ and seduced the ‘pretty and popular’ 15-year-old.