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27 Aug

If you’re as candid as possible, whilst remaining within the site’s guidelines about approaching/harassing/revealing too much of yourself towards other singles, there is usually a willing other party up for a bit of the same on the more adult dating site than on the mainstream, matchmaking sites.

So, here’s your checklist: • Single • Need a date • Don’t want to commit • Expect no commitment in return • Have a mobile (not compulsory, but good for one-to-one video-chat before you go on your date or even having with you to see who’s about up town from your dating site – the casual dating tool!

In online dating terms, if you’re looking for a casual relationship, it means you want to meet up for one thing and one thing only.

No strings (hopefully, could get messy), not necessarily mobile numbers exchanged and definitely no expectation of having to sneak out the morning after because you think it’s a mistake. And we can speak like adults, here – no need to be coy about the taboo.

So what is the ‘acceptable’ amount of partners that the men and women who helped the Daily Mail with their study deemed not too easy, but enough ‘practise’ to make them consider developing a relationship without having to buy either a plank or an instruction manual?

The UK public, men and women, at last have something that they agree on in the bedroom, it seems; both sexes considered ten the perfect number of partners to have had prior to their encounter.

There’s a difference between free adult dating sites and those you pay for.

Very often, the people who state that adult dating sites are useless are the ones who’ve put little time and effort into the venture and given up after not getting virtually laid in five minutes flat.

Rather, I’ll just provide an overview of the points I think will hit home with you guys as they did with me.

Click on any of the pretty banners around the site (side or bottom – hey, careful!

) or these following links to some of the best casual dating sites, to see if you simply want to dip your toe in and just Click&Flirt, actively look online for Cheeky Lovers or whether you’ve made your mind up and you are actually willing to Be Naughty, and make sure you get one over Trev this Friday!

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