Women looking for payable sex

05 Jan

The myth of marrying your best friend and equality and treat him/her how you want to be treated has completely confused the f*ck out of everyone. There’s a battle between desire and resentment constantly playing out between the sexes that we have never seen before. And your resentment, disgust, divisiveness of his sexual desires and expressions is a cruel attack on his soul. They find it pleasurable sexually, mentally and emotionally.

If you want a partner to shop with you and talk to you endlessly about what could or might happen “if” scenarios, then you want a partner who is a woman. Similarly guys, if you want a partner who is stoic and to the point and predictable, then you probably want a dude. Men accuse women of being attention whores, selfie-addicted, narcissists.

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She can seek the attention of many or the attention of her chosen one.

What do women seek from the outside that makes them feel good? Women like attention and women are wired to seek it.

Attention can be sought out in many ways: fame seeking, selfie-posting, provocative clothing, creating drama, coy flirting, make-up.

She wants to be appreciated and to have that appreciation confirmed verbally.

Because men do not seek attention in these same ways and in fact to get attention in this way might make many of them feel uncomfortable they don’t understand it and so they love to criticize it.