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16 Nov

They are the eight interrelated sidereal revolutions and the heavenly bodies which travel on them, for they are all gods of the same kind.

In 1992 the current Greenland ice coring project should be complete.We move now to a discussion of a word which probably refers to comets, BIBBU. There is a lengthy omen text, the 56th tablet of Enuma Anu Enlil, which deals with various features of the BIBBU, and some of these seem to describe comets.For example: During a close approach to a massive object like our planet a comet would be gravitationally disrupted (Phaethon’s disentegrating chariot) independent fragments would then further break to pieces as they entered Earth’s atmosphere.Certainly there have been many damaging falls witnessed by people during the 15,000, or more, year period of the comet’s fragmentation history.The terminal Bronze Age event was probably just one of several very energetic impacts which likely occurred in this time span.