Khufu ship carbon dating

09 Feb

In the chapel associated with G-IIIa a statue of a Queen was found.It is possible that these pyramids were meant for the Queens of Khafra.Radio carbon dating of the bone fragments that were found place them at an even later date, from the Coptic period in the first centuries AD.According to Herodotus, Menkaure was the son of Khufu (Greek Cheops), and alleviated the suffering his father's reign had caused the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.This pyramid is the smallest of the three pyramids at Giza.This pyramid measures 103.4 meters at the base and 65.5 meters in height.Menkaure (also Menkaura, Egyptian transliteration mn-k3w-Rˁ), was an ancient Egyptian king (pharaoh) of the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom, who is well known under his Hellenized names Mykerinos (Greek: ) (by Herodotus) and Menkheres (by Manetho).

These pyramids are sometimes labeled G-IIIa (East subsidiary pyramid), G-IIIb (Middle subsidiary pyramid) and G-IIIc (West subsidiary pyramid).

The royal court included several of Menkaure's half brothers.

His brothers Nebemakhet, Duaenre, Nikaure and Iunmin served as vizier during the reign of their brother.

From this temple come the famous statues of Menkaure with his Queen and Menkaure with several deities.

A partial list includes: At this temple more statues and statue fragments were found.