Validating eurail pass in italy

11 Sep

You can also get a global pass for 15 days, consecutive travel, or (if you plan to do of train travel), unlimited train travel for a one-, two-, or three-month period. For starters, getting the wrong pass and underusing the trips will definitely lead to the pass costing more than what you would spend buying individual tickets.But if you aren’t “train-setting” across Europe and are instead staying in one country or just a small area, you should consider a country pass. Do some research, look at train prices, decide where you want to go, add up the costs, and compare the total to the price of a train pass. If you just buy whatever pass you is good without working out the numbers, you probably will also end up paying too much.Eurail passes only really work if you get the right pass and plan your trip well.Last-minute trains cost a lot of money, and rail passes really help in those sorts of situations.I had met a lot of travelers who used these rail passes, and in my never ending quest to save money on travel, I wanted to see if using a rail pass would save me money. The post received a few comments from other travelers about how using Eurail passes had ruined their trips.They didn’t save money, they couldn’t take certain trains, or they got kicked off trains.With the Global Flexi Pass, each trip is worth USD, but the price of my short trips (i.e., less than three hours) was typically around 50 euros, or USD.

But then again, I like to go with the flow and hardly ever know my travel plans well enough to book a tickets two weeks in advance. There have been many times I’ve said or heard people say, “I’m going to Paris tomorrow” only to then leave three days later.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything.UPDATE: THE CONTENTS OF THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED IN A NEW POST FROM 2013. Two years ago, I traveled around Europe using a rail pass.So if you know where you want to travel but you prefer to make last-minute bookings, a rail pass will likely save you money.If, however, you like to plan every leg of your trip months in advance, you will be able find cheaper train tickets without a pass.