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19 Mar

The Naval Station has been around since the turn of the 20th century and was not formed as a result of Fidel Castro, The Cuban Missile Crisis or the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Also, the Bay of Pigs was not at Guantanamo Bay-it was in another part of Cuba.

It is also home to a Subway, the bank, credit union, barbershop, and a few stores for clothes, etc. Guantanamo Bay is made up of military personnel, civilians and third country nationals or foreign nationals.

Foreign nationals, mainly Jamaicans and Filipinos from what I saw and met, do the majority of the menial jobs around the island.

This is America and everyone is entitled to a fair trial but if they are guilty, I hope they get what they deserve and the families of my fallen friends can finally get some closure.

When you fly into Guantanamo Bay, Cuba there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation that is unlike many places I’ve traveled to.

Much of this special treatment is a result of the highly publicized and horrific prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib (Iraq) and GTMO in the past so they are now, seemingly, overcompensating to avoid bad public relations.

So after five days on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, I feel like I have a pretty good feel for the place and an opinion that may surprise many people.

First, I want to state a few facts to dispel a few common misconceptions and misinformation that people have about Guantanamo Bay.

When President Obama signed an order to close down Guantanamo Bay on his first day in office in 2009; he was attempting to shut down the detention center, not the Naval Station.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station will still be around regardless of whether the detention center is ever shut down or not.