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06 Mar

She also led the fight to strengthen the state transportation package from an environmental and transit POV.

Other names on the list of people who were expected to jump in have started to fall off.

It's been a Seattle political parlor game for years to guess who would take Mc Dermott's seat when he retired.

Walkinshaw's uncouth chutzpah got the actual ball rolling.

She told me she believed there was bipartisan interest in all three issues.

Jayapal also took a shot at Donald Trump, accusing him of "whipping up hate...[that results in] a rise in anti Muslim violence." She added: "I know like you do that America's biggest strength is our diversity." ORIGINAL POST: State senator Pramila Jayapal (D-37, Southeast Seattle) will announce this afternoon that she's running for longtime U. representative Jim Mc Dermott's (D-WA, 7) open seat.

“I’d never spoken to an elected [official],” Jayapal remembers. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I need to have something to say to this guy.’ ” At ten o’clock on the night before her scheduled Monday meeting, Jayapal drew up a memo of points to persuade Mc Dermott.

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I'd chalk that up to Walkinshaw and González's work together with the local Latino political PAC.An example, hyped by another speaker, a reproductive rights activist, was Jayapal's IUD bill (getting state Medicaid to cover reversible contraception) which Jayapal managed to get through last session from her position in the minority party in the state senate.Jayapal prioritized three issues she wanted to tackle in congress: expanding social security and Medicare, ensuring debt free college education, and raising the minimum wage.Both Jayapal, who was born in India, and Walkinshaw, who's Cuban-American, are popular with progressives and social justice advocates.And they will immediately begin fighting over Seattle's all-important left wing endorsements.