Iranian dating los angeles

15 Jan

“We make sure you want to be pursued, and as the pursuer you know the person wants to be pursued,” Mateen told USA Today.

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The fear of many users of such dating services is “catfish”—or fake profiles.

“I think it took us six months to even get to 400 million profile ratings total—and now we’re at that number per day.

In the UK, we’ve had over a million new users sign up for Tinder in the last 60 days. Tinder usage internationally is getting even crazier than in the US,” Mateen said.

He said a poll done by Tinder found that 96 percent of its users have never used a dating service before. “I’m sure when you’re signing up for a dating site, people probably feel like, ‘Why am I doing this? ’ People don’t feel good about it.” He said, “People are using Tinder standing in line at a coffee shop or in their cars on the way to work at a red light. “For example, eventually you could be married and on a trip with your husband and find a tennis partner on Tinder.

Or it could be used in the context of a business relationship.” But, for now, it’s romance.