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10 Mar

His appearance in Meredith’s life will reveal her true destiny, and awaken her darkest desires. Meredith Grey has returned to Seattle after a 2 year absence…called to a crime scene on her first night home, she finds herself meeting up with Derek again…sparks fly, but they need to work together to solve a case of mysterious killings.

Absent Heart: (Status: Complete) After three and a half years missing in the South American jungle, presumed dead, Derek Shepherd had made a dramatic re-appearance, just as his wife Meredith had become engaged to his best friend Michael.

Everyone had assumed Meredith had left to escape her problems. Or did something else happen that was out of everyone’s control? Meredith and Derek get a second chance at love, but will their love be strong enough to hold them together through whatever obstacles life throw at them?

(Status: Complete) Are there such things as vampires?

You might be tempted to believe it if they show up as sexy & sinful looking as Derek Shepherd.

What can you do with a love that finds you in an unexpected time and place? When something affects one of them to the point of near death, will they survive? showtopic=11 Meredith and Derek’s sister Sophie have been best friends forever.

When Sophie and Mer decide to share a house with Derek and his friends…sparks fly. showtopic=3 Derek is broken from his failed marriage and he’s Seattle’s best chef and Meredith is a surgeon. Im Always Sorry in the Morning: (Status: Complete) A little bit of a different take on 5×18 Stand By Me.