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01 Feb

(5) For the portion of Route 1 relinquished under this subdivision, the City of Los Angeles shall install and maintain within its jurisdiction, signs directing motorists to the continuation of Route 1 to the extent deemed necessary by the department. Construction of this as freeway was killed around the same time as the Whitnall Fwy, Route 64.On May 22, 1964, a portion of the Pacific Coast Freeway in Orange County, from 0.8 mile south of Mac Arthur Boulevard to 0.2 mile north of Adams Boulevard, 10.2 miles, estimated to cost .4 million, had a route adoption.

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] It would have likely been a non-starter in any case, since it would have passed through Belmont Shores, a proverbial "poster child" for upscale NIMBY activity.

(3) The portion of Route 1 relinquished under this subdivision shall be ineligible for future adoption under Section 81.

(4) The City of Los Angeles shall ensure the continuity of traffic flow on the relinquished portion of Route 1, including any traffic signal progression, to the extent applicable. As of July 1, 1964, part (1) was planned as freeway for the entire route (i.e., through Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties).

"LRN" refers to the Pre-1964 Legislative Route Number. "I" refers to an Eisenhower Interstate signed route.

"Route" usually indicates a state shield signed route, but said route may be signed as US or I.