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30 Jan

However there is little to no physical contact between men and women during public greetings.Appropriate dress is taken very seriously in Saudi society and is an aspect which foreign visitors should familiarise themselves with to avoid giving offence.Although Saudi families are traditionally highly patriarchal, the role of women within the family is gradually extending into the workplace following significant encouragement by the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and new labour policies.This is leading to an increased growth in the number of Saudi Arabian working women and a noticeable rise in female entrepreneurship.

Greetings are generally warm and involve a strong handshake, strictly with the right hand, and depending on the degree of familiarity an embrace with kisses on alternate cheeks.

Adapting clothing and behaviours to the local circumstances is critical, particularly for women, and can help in establishing new business relationships.

Hands and feet also feature prominently within Saudi etiquette and are linked to specific customs.

Archaeological evidence shows that human beings have inhabited this area for over one million years, highlighting a long history of civilisation peppered by many different kingdoms and states and enriched by its geographical location at the heart of ancient international trade routes.

Modern-day Saudi Arabia is a traditional and highly conservative society, fundamentally based on strong religious values, beliefs, and customs to which it is expected that expatriates and visitors should respect and adhere.