Dating a divorced man financially unstable dating the gift

10 Jul

if you can’t feel safe enough to express yourself freely around him, esp with your family history, it sounds like a dealbreaker to me.on the plus side: now you know one of your dealbreakers, and will remember to look out for it in the next relationship :) you’ve made an adult decision towards your greater well-being — congratulations on that.

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In other words, nobody’s perfect, so if your guy’s flaws are not dealbreakers, you’d do well to consider keeping him.

sounds like your fella’s temper here prevents these things from happening.

also, you’ve just got to know what your dealbreakers are.

He didn’t finish his BA (one year left) and he had an hourly job for 8 years (never once asked his boss for a raise).

That was until he met me…I encouraged him and pushed him out of the comfort zone which was so foreign to him.