Teen dating bible study

02 Jul

When you are finished running an electric vacuum cleaner, you unplug it from the wall and plug in a lamp in its place.

That is, when you have a phrase in one language you wish to translate, you simply find the proper words in a dictionary and replace each word with another from the new language.

At times people have asked what Bible they should buy.

They want to be certain the translation they chose is accurate. They also want good and reliable explanatory notes for the reader.

Most people I meet have never studied a second language.

They make the incorrect assumption that translating from one language to another is like removing one plug from an electrical outlet and inserting another.

In the end, a number of very personal preferences will have to be satisfied.

Note: This Instructable is limited to information about how Bible translations come to be, and choosing a Bible version (translation) for oneself.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are from Bing Images.One day I learned those italicized words were not actually part of the original text, but had to be added for the sentences to make sense in English. My anxieties about those italicized words evaporated very quickly. It is titled "The Gossip." It reminds us of the children's game "Telephone." In that game the first person speaks a saying to someone who repeats it to another who repeats it, until what was said reaches the last person.As all who have played this game know, the last person hears something far different from what was initially spoken.You have probably heard someone say, "." The assumption is that Bible translation and transmission are akin to this children's game with each new translation of the Bible being a revision of, or based on the immediate previous translation. If others are like me, they can go for many years before they ever take the time to read The Preface in books they own.Reading The Preface is especially important in a Bible.