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So I overcompensate and start cracking jokes like I'm Carrot Top and I start doing funny things with props, and, ugh, I hate prop comedy! If she's excluding salmon puffs, she has a good reason to exclude salmon puffs. So from now on, we'll have to have sex in our invisible suits. I try to say nice things to them, but they always misinterpret and they think I'm insulting them, so I - I've tried being really quiet, and then they're all like, you know, why are you so quiet? She's read every book by every author with a Russian surname and had a 4.2 grade-point average at one of the toughest schools on the east coast. Reverend Boatwright: Your virtue is a a gift you can give to only one man…If you give it away too soon and to the wrong man, then when the right one does come along, you have no gift to give. all of this, but, um, I'm afraid the ultimate-gift ship has sailed. And once you've had that drink, I can tell you how I've been moved out of the pool house and into a room right next to my grandparents. The coffee cart and going to my mother, you went to my mother, why would you bother going through that? A term to change the history of the Yale Daily News. Which I figure, we can mix together to create a fabulous new game, Candyship Battleland. She spared me the exact parameters of the 'fooling around', you wanna fill me in? God, I can't believe I fell for all your stupid tricks! Over the music, the crowd, I hear one girl's voice cutting through all the folk singers, she's in the corner with her boyfriend, sent them all a round of drinks, I mean, what the hell? And now I've found out that I've been consuming an extra billion calories a day. It's a vital component of literary life, again, consult your Hemingway. Rory: I'm palling with my grandmother, I'm being waited on by a maid, I come home and my shoes are magically shined, my clothes are magically cleaned, ironed and laid out! It used to be one cup but then the coffee started tasting so good I added an afternoon jolt.

So for the first week I'll call him Coco to get him acclimated, then Coci, 3rd week Kooky, 4th week Tooky. But I'm going to be smart about it, I'm not going to spook him. And then getting mad at the surgeon because the guy's heart is on the outside. You're watching a Wednesday matinee of Deuce Bigalow you can yell fire all you want. Or she can buy a bunch of cats if she wants to and a lifetime supply of popcorn and Twizzlers. If you were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, the only person that would miss you is your Porsche dealer! I have a cricket cornered in a paper cup in the living room. You offer nothing to women or the world in general! Christopher: I've set Gigi up with funds for private school, and prep school. It's like a cross between Love's Baby Soft and Curious by Britney Spears with just a hint of Lysol. I'd have told you about them before you bought the place. Linny: You don't really seem to have him now, at least not the way you want to have him. Then if you ask for it and you don't get it, maybe it wasn't worth having in the first place. Now, you wanna change, change it, but don't blame me, don't you dare blame me! Lorelai: No but I do have this incredibly bad perfume that Luke gave me for Christmas last year that I can spray around the house.