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26 Aug

She’s really going to test Riley and Mercedes’ relationship and it’s exciting to see how it all turns out.

“Working with Jamie, Jen and Rob is great and everyone was really welcoming when I started filming.” Viewers will see the gorgeous Alex catch the eye of the footballer on an awards night out.

Bronagh Waugh, who of course plays Cheryl Brady, told Bang Showbiz, “Everyone thinks she’s crazy and making it up, as does Cheryl at first.

“I am delighted to be joining the glamorous cast of Hollyoaks as naughty minx Alex.

It’s Ken who’s stuffy.” Of the outlook for their future, Emma said, “I’ve no children and never been married.

“People close to us know how Bill and I are with each other.

In other news, Stephanie Waring has revealed that she brings her new baby Lexi to work with her.

Stephanie, who of course plays Cindy Longford, has recently returned to the set after her maternity leave.