Things to know when dating a jewish man

20 Dec

December 25 is obviously nine months after March 25, so it was taken as Jesus’s birthday.The truth is that December 25 came from celebrations in the early Church, not from pagan celebrations.‘Tis the season that carolers sing, decorations are hung, Nativity scenes are set up, and Christmas cards begin flooding our mailboxes, each with a different scene from “The First Noel.” You might be shocked, however, to discover that many of the details you’ve come to believe about history’s first Christmas are completely inaccurate.

The first mention of December 25 as Jesus’s birthday wasn’t until the mid–fourth century, when a Roman almanac listed December 25 as , or, “Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea.” A popular theory about the origin of Christmas is that early Christians stole the date from a Roman Sun festival, which was held in late December.

December in Israel would have been cold; the fields would have been unproductive, and the sheep were probably corralled.

Shepherds usually kept their flocks in the fields during the spring lambing season.

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