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11 Feb

In the middle of the campaign, in July 1849, he died of cholera.

Lincoln arrived in October, just in time to see the proslavery forces rewrite the Kentucky state constitution to eliminate the law prohibiting the slave trade within its borders.

Lincoln lost the case and the Todd family lost the estate to Wickliffe at the same moment that the political legacy of Clay, Lincoln's early "beau ideal of a statesman," and that of Mary's beloved father, was destroyed.

If those events were not sufficiently embittering for Lincoln, there was another factor, a concealed one. He was Polly Todd's grandson, the only child of her son, who had died at a young age.

On December 13 Mary Ann Todd was born in Lexington, Kentucky. Her parents, Eliza and Robert Smith Todd, were members of a socially and economically prominent Kentucky family. There were seven with his first wife, Eliza Parker, and nine with his second wife, Elizabeth Humphreys. Mary entered Shelby Female Academy (John Ward's) located in Lexington.

Mary entered Madame Mentelle's boarding school for girls.

Mary spent three months in the summer visiting her sister Elizabeth in Springfield.

Most likely she did not meet Abraham Lincoln during this visit.

There she lived at school during the week and at home on weekends.

The curriculum stressed the French language and the art of dancing.