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This is not to be seen as a rejection of the standard Italian language, it is simply what folk music is about: local color and identity.Polyphonic song forms and choral singing are principally found in northern Italy, while south of Naples, solo singing is more common, with the exception of the geographically more isolated Sicily and Sardinia, which are very polyphonic.Folk music has always been a way to express local idenity and address cultural, political and social issues.The scale was invented as early as the end of the 10th century, by a Benedictine monk, Guido of Arezzo.One of the most prolific composers of religious music was Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c.1525-1594), who marked the golden age of polyphony.While, in some European countries, folk singing styles became a national symbol, in Italy it was never the case.Italian folk musicians use the dialect or language of their own regional tradition.

Predstavljeni z imeni in priimki, s pripisom, da so poročeni in z zakoncem med “prijatelji”, imajo označeno, da se na portalu nahajajo zaradi iskanja žensk oziroma moških ter pripisano, da jih zanima “dating”.You can leave a response, ali trackback from your own site., to folk music over popular music and religious music.In the rest of southern Italy polyphony is seldom choral and groups usually use unison singing in two or three parts carried by a single performer.Northern ballad-singing is syllabic, with a strict tempo and intelligible lyrics, while southern styles use a rubato tempo, nasal timbre and a strained, tense vocal style.