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25 Nov

After a few months of work, the settlement was beginning to take shape, and by October 1854, the settlers began debating as to what their community should be named.

While Branscomb and Robinson were exploring, the New England Emigrant Aid Company was busy assembling a "pioneer party" of twenty-nine men to found their city.

Lawrence was founded by the New England Emigrant Aid Company and was named for Amos Adams Lawrence who offered financial aid and support for the settlement. However, its economy soon diversified into many industries including agriculture, manufacturing, and ultimately education, beginning with the founding of the University of Kansas in 1866, and later Haskell Indian Nations University in 1884.

Prior to Kansas Territory being opened to settlement in May 1854, most of Douglas County was part of the Shawnee Indian Reservation.

On July 17, 1854, this group departed Boston; according to Cordley, "Immense crowds had gathered at the station to give them a parting God-speed.

They moved out of the station amid the cheering of the crowds who lined the track for several blocks." In late July, the group met Robinson in St.