Dating nightmare

31 Jul

If you’re yet to watch last night’s Channel 4 documentary, My Online Nightmare, then we suggest you prepare yourself before you catch up.The documentary highlights the sinister and dangerous side of online dating, exploring some of the most extreme cases of online deception.In fact (s)he’s not even a boy but is, in fact, a 24-year-old female.Radhika Sanghani, Crime Journalist and Author, mentions how Chris’s fear of not being in control is played out in his ending of the relationship.Now we’re not saying that dating online is completely unsafe, many relationships have flourished online.But, Megan’s story highlights how deceptive it can be and how important it is to tell family and friends who you are speaking with online.For example, my date called me a ‘sweet puppy’ on Whatsapp before our date.I genuinely thought that was lovely and a good sign (however 3 hours later, he considered me more like puppy crap.) During our contact, he had built up an idea of me which would come crashing down when we met.

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Do not set expectations – stay neutral and just enjoy meeting this new person, knowing that it may be great or it may not be.She continues to meet up with him but constantly lies to her parents about where she’s been going. She eventually tells them what’s been happening and they insist on meeting with him.Before the meeting, Chris is nervous and asks continuous questions about how he looks, but all in all, the lunch goes well.Any brave single soul who’s ever dared to dip a toe into the murky waters of dating has come across ghosting before.Whether you have been ghosted or you were, in fact, the ghoster, I liken this unpleasant experience to a big lorry cutting you up on a motorway – the driver can see you are there, happily toddling along, but he chooses to ignore your very existence and drive right in front of you, leaving you feeling angry, ignored, invisible! We matched on Tindr and spent 3 days sending hundreds of messages, we chatted on the phone and arranged to meet.