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15 Dec

2) is there any proof in the CF leaks about white genocide? Jews are already attempting to get friendly with him, but he isn't buying. that's a whole lot clearer than "data compression" the marketing buzzword is "big data", but in essence it's taking the data and splitting into a large cluster of individual servers (or VMs, whatever), and you issue distributed queries.3) is there any proof in the CF leaks about the holocaust being a lie? Do you have an idea on what they're gonna try to pull? They would have a real fun time cleaning up the mess of the civil war along with the massive insurgency.79491989 then the FBI needs to release the findings of their investigation. it's a very large growing field, and I'm highly confident the NSA (among others) is at the forefront of it. I assume that those who can be indicted are involved.79492827 Is plausible deniability the reason why you have brought up things that would get us insta-discredited if we tried to bring up this conversation as a source? Is it better to opt out to a V4 state or south america or will it be possible to live safe in a western european country for the next decades? 79489675 russia is using too much propaganda to be trusted, would prefer proofs.79493354 Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that's why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. Worse yet, will we even get closure on it or will the investigation continue well into November?

Follow the Foundation.79494643 Ok from what I gather so far, the biggest thing you want us to focus on is the Clinton foundation.79492080 About that thing in the solar system currently that no one is supposed to know about. 79492080 What would Russia or the chinks hope to do in the USA? When an agent swears an oath to protect and serve the public, they can not put aside that oath to "save themselves", history will remember any agent who leaks the findings as hero79491269 Russia is a threat. If a civil war broke out, 100% certainty China and Russia would get involved. I'd be hella worried about that if I were in government, corruption or no. I mean, even if we humor your argument that aliens are real and the Jews are trying to dominate the world, it won't be accepted by the public as credible no mater how much truth about CF you intermingle with it. So far they have promised evidence that Bush did 9/11, faking of the moon landing and Clinton corruption evidence and have provided none.79493218 I've been here since the fucking beginning. This is just some faggot who loves attention with none of the correct verbiage. Also, the soccer cup we won recently is legit, r-right?One more question if you're still up: Does the fear of a revolution brought about by what you've mentioned have anything to do with the gun control agenda they're pushing? The government would be exposed at every layer, who pays who, who buys what, and no one has yet asked about the human trafficking bits I have been laying out. His claims are made with ignorant language, and when things get technical, he ad homs and gets mad at people for asking technical questions.79493163 I said life exists elsewhere. My protective strategy is posting outrageous caims on /pol/ with no evidence, which is standard protocol and raises no alarms. Friend of mine ran into that program, but down in Panama. Orchestrated, elites need serf populations to work for cheap and breed out whites Pretty fucking stupid when we're on the cusp of widespread automation technologies that allow work to be done cheaper than even the immigrants would be willing to work for. A last question from me, FBIAnon: What's your agency's info on my country, Chile? 79493180 I'd be interested in hearing about the types or details of things that /pol/ found out before the FBI.Foreign money, paying in children, human traffic and God knows what else.Are you implying that the aid she gets from foreign countries is so big that she may actually be working for another government? The 9th state was in 1789 and ratified the Constitution.