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22 Jun

The green-hued Hulk may have visited Israel and battled Sabra while he was there, but it wasn't exactly a Jewish outreach experience. Hulk (a superhero) is sent to Jerusalem to kill young Max so that the future can be altered. During the fight, Sabra compares herself to the Israeli state ("attack us and we endure ... Paraphrasing his friend Sahad, Hulk offers a simplistic view of the Middle East conflict: "Boy died because of two old books that say his people and yours must fight and kill for land." Belinda Glass is credited with coming up with the concept of Sabra. "Why Sabra Kicks Butt: One Teen's Take on Whether an Israeli Female Superhero Should Be Fighting Violently for Peace" #59, the New York-based superhero team the New Warriors are attacked by Sabra, who has been mind-controlled by an unknown enemy.

So the question remains: Are comic books - and the characters who inhabit them - truly Jewish? However, he is delayed by Israeli superheroine Sabra, who is unaware of the vision. and we give as good as we get"), which has the Hulk thinking "Terrific ... After they call a truce, they try to stop Achilles from killing Max Meer. Discusses the Jewish super-heroes Seraph, the Blasters, Colossal Boy, Ragman, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family, Mindboggler, Ramban, Golem, Judith, Dybbuk, Nuklon, Phantom Stranger and Sabra. Justice is a member of the new Warriors who, like Sabra, is Jewish.

I'd like to discuss what religious beliefs are favorite costumed hero's belong to. But beyond that, what do we know of superhero's beliefs?I think there's a significant difference that tends to be lost on some between the horribleness of the destruction of the Jewish people through genocide and the gradual waning of a faith because it is no longer as relevant to the lives of some people today as it was to their ancestors.""Esther-I think you hit on an important point. I used to depend on a retractable lip brush which has since, most regrettably, fallen apart.Their religions aren't specified, but does anyone care to guess...?kissmyringagain Posted: May 6, 2005 AM I am a Christian... Same reason as there is no real Jewish [superhero]...