Humorous skits of christian dating

25 Jun

continue Chonda Pierce Chonda is a Christian Comedian in Nashville, TN.Armed with an abundance of unpretentious Southern charm and laser sharp wit, Chonda Pierce has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast for more than a decade.Find Christian Comedians for your church outreach, retreat, banquet, comedy concert, fundraiser, Upward Sports Awards, or ministry event today.Tim Hawkins Tim is a Christian Comedian in Fort Worth, TX.A gifted comedian and a master storyteller, year after year Ken continues t...

continue Andy Beningo Andy is a Christian Comedian in Detroit, MI.continue Jason Earls Jason is a Christian Comedian in Dallas, TX.Jason Earls is currently a full-time comedian using the gift of encouragement and talent of making people laugh as a means to fulfill the Great Commission of making Disciples of Christ. continue Larry Weaver Larry is a Christian Comedian in Raleigh, NC.An in demand stand up comic, television hostess and best-s... Michael is a Christian Comedian in Los Angeles, CA.Imagine a line from Bill Cosby to Jerry Seinfeld and you’ll have an idea of Michael’s influences.