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26 Oct

Center Kids offers the following groups: Wannabe Dads/Wannabe Moms, Parenting Partnerships (Co-ed group for couples and singles interested in the possibilities of creative family structures and who seek the presence and involvement of a father [for lesbians] or a mother [for gay men] in the lives of their children), Planning Biological Parenthood Group for Men (), Planning Biological Parenthood Group for Women, TLC for Women TTC (women who have been trying to conceive through alternative insemination for 6 months or longer), Transgender/Genderqueer Parenting Group, and Center Kids Family Play Days (play activities for 3-to-5-yearolds and 6-to-8-year-olds, and a chat room for parents)• Family Circle, Inc.

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YAs and caregivers discussed cancer triggered challenges such as anxiety, depression, isolation, fear, and financial hardships.

This group will provide a space to exchange information, get support, eat good food, have fun, build community, and take some time to imagine and discuss the journey of building queer families.

This is for prospective parents, people in the process of trying to get pregnant and/or adopt, and for parents with children who are looking to expand their families.

The interviews, conducted from September through December 2015, focused on perspectives on the impact of the disease and its treatment in terms of physical and emotional effects, coping, and strategies to enhance HRQo L.

We used an iterative thematic analysis approach to identify emergent themes and create a coding structure.