Christian dating site hacked facebook

05 May

Upon seeing it I thought it’s a pretty serious security incident. 200 OK Length: 8902 (8.7K) [text/html] Saving to: `STDOUT' 0K ........ ---- Resolving sb-dev... Other than server “dorking” keyloggers were also implemented.

From a pentester’s view, I tend to start from recon and do some research.It looked like TFBNW was an internal domain name for Facebook.Let’s try to enumerate the C Class IPs of vpn.and found some interesting servers, for example: Judging from the LOGO and Footer, this seems to be Accellion’s Secure File Transfer (hereafter known as FTA) FTA is a product which enables secure file transfer, online file sharing and syncing, as well as integration with Single Sign-on mechanisms including AD, LDAP and Kerberos.When I was doing some recon and research, not only did I look up the domain names of Facebook itself, but also tried Reverse Whois.And to my surprise, I found an INTERESTING domain name: WOW.